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pet adoption success stories 1

Adoption Success Stories: Little Jojo ©SPCA

While owning pets can be a wonderful life experience for many, the growing pet trade in Malaysia (or around the world as a matter of fact) has given rise to various complications. Whatever it is, pet or no pet, the fact remains that dogs, cats and any type of other wildlife are all living creatures; thus should be treated with love and respect.

Responsible Pet Ownership

pet adoption success stories 2

Adoption Success Stories: Jojo and Chiko with their proud new owners ©SPCA

Cats and Dogs can live up to 15, 20 years with us, so know that owning a pet is a long term commitment. While any animal lover would tell you for a fact that animals do have feelings, for those who are unconvinced, there is growing scientific evidence that animals are capable of experiencing emotions, very much like how we can.

pet adoption success stories 3

Adoption Success Stories: Rosie with Malar and Mum ©SPCA

Whenever you plan to get a new pet, ask if you are able of giving it a proper and loving home. Depending on the breed, age and inherent physical characteristic of the do, it is sufficient to say that each pet’s needs are different, and all pet owners should be aware of that to provide the optimal living conditions for the animal.

For instance, medium to large dog breeds would require a large home compound for them to roam in. If you live in a condo, you might want to consider smaller dog breeds. Dogs also needs to be walked at least once a day to maintain good mental and physical health.

pet adoption success stories 4

Adoption Success Stories: Coffee in her new home! ©SPCA

Regardless of the type of pet you wish to have, be sure to do all the necessary research and preparations before you welcome it into your home.

Adopt a Pet!

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Adoption Success Stories: Rufus ©SPCA

Whether it is a goldfish, turtle, or chincila, adopting your next pet is the best thing that anyone can do for our animal friends. While there are now more responsible pet owners and animal lovers then there ever was before, the animal shelters in Kuala Lumpur are overflowing with pets, where there shelters have no choice but to regularly put down hundreds of animals on a regular basis due to over crowding.

If you plan to get a new pet for your home, do adopt one from one of the many animal shelters in KL and save a life in the process.

Push For Social Change

pet adoption success stories 6

Adoption Success Stories: Ms Chong with her new puppy ©SPCA

In the age of the internet and social media, pushing issues for social awareness has never been easier. Let all your fiends know that being good and kind to animals is a cool trend that would never run out of style.

Animal Shelters in Kuala Lumpur

If you have any other animal shelters to add to the list below, do drop us a message :)

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