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In recent years, the prices of hotels in Singapore have spiked sharply due to sudden influx of tourists, making them comparable to those in western Europe. During my last stay there, we stayed at the Porcelain Hotel in Chinatown. It cost around SGD130 per night and overall, we had a pleasant stay there.

The hotel is very well located at the fringe of Chinatown, surrounded by plenty of Chinese eateries and just a short stroll away from the MRT station (about a 1 to 2 minute away on foot). The staff were very helpful and the hotel was very clean and well maintained.

The only issue to take note of is the size of the room. The rooms are small. I didn’t take me by surprise as I was already well aware of it from the reviews. It is so small to the extent that I could understand how those with above average height or with large pieces of luggage will have a problem with it.

Other than the size of the rooms, everything else about the hotel is commendable. Despite its size, the rooms are well equipped and the hotel overall was very cozy and comfortable.

Porcelain Hotel Review Singapore 1

The lovely mural on the side of the hotel

Porcelain Hotel Review Singapore 2

A shot of the room taken from the bed

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