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If you have done a little digging, you would know that Paradise Lost is one of the highest rated accommodations on Koh Kradan. The property is located right in the center of Koh Kradan, just a short 5-minute walk away from the beaches.

While I was at Paradise lost, I stayed at the small bungalows with small bathrooms. The bungalow was completely made out of wood with an atap roof, so it was always cool on the inside, even under the scorching midday sun. Everything was very neat and clean, which is all a budget traveler could ask for. My bungalow came with a queen sized bed, a fan, even a small porch with table and chairs for me to laze the day away.

Staying here felt like staying in a little local village. The bungalows are lined  around the the edges of the compound, surrounding a small grassy patch with coconut trees. Wally, Nok and all the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Rates start from THB600 onwards for a basic bungalow with shared bathrooms. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about the accommodation. For more information, check out Wally and Nok’s official website at, Paradise Lost.

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Paradise Lost’s entrance form the beach

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The tranquil, peaceful compound. The restaurant is on the left. Serves arguably the best food on the island.

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