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Did you know that budget airline and promo flight tickets could sometimes cost less than bus and train tickets? Did you know that many full serviced airlines often offer promo fares that cost less than half of their usual price? Due to the highly competitive nature of air travel, many airlines, be it budget airlines of 5 star airlines, offer unbelievable promo fares that are just too good to give it a miss. If you play your cards right and do a little research a couple of months ahead your travel date, you could save thousands of dollars on your airfare. Here are some easy tips on how to get the cheapest airfares possible.

Check Flight Booking Websites



Flight booking websites are by far the easiest for you to find and compare fares between airlines all on one website. Famous travel websites such as Tripadvisor, Expedia and Kayak all have excellent flight-booking search engines that allow you to make a thorough comparison. Whether you use the flight booking website to make the actual booking or book straight from that particular airline is entirely up to you. Using their flight search engines saves you the trouble of checking dozens of airline websites to choose the flight.

My personal all time favorite flight booking website would have to be Skyscanner. This website not only allows you to search through dozens of airlines for a particular date, but also search through the entire year (12 whole months) to show you the lowest fare that you can get within that time period. This feature is absolutely invaluable especially if you are flexible when it comes to your time of travel.

Check Budget Airline Websites



While flight booking websites are excellent tools in helping you get the lowest flight tickets possible, they are not perfect. For one, their search engines scan through not all airlines and sometimes certain airlines have promotions that are not reflected on those websites. After checking the flight booking website, the next thing to do is to check the websites of budget airlines that fly to wherever you are planning to go.

Thus far, the most complete list of budget airlines that I have come across in the internet is this one: Take a look at the list and visit the airline’s individual website to see if they have any cheaper fares available for your travel date.

Loyalty Pays

When choosing the airlines that you are going to fly with, try to find out if they have any loyalty programs that allow you to accumulate flight points or mileage. If the price differences are negligible, do try to stick to the same airline (or same group of airlines) so that you can earn more points from your flights. While paying for the flights, it is also a great idea to make use of a credit card that have a great flight mileage or point system that lets you exchange it for flights. Through these points and mileage, you will be able to get some significant discounts or even free flights once you have accumulated enough of them.

Lookout For Short Term Promotions

Many credit card companies often team up with airlines for great short term and long term offers. It is not rare for certain airlines to offer a Buy 1 Free 1 promo when you buy the tickets using a certain credit card. You should also visit travel fairs as most airlines usually give some pretty amazing offers during the duration of the fair.

Do you also know that there are many budget airlines that offer ‘zero’ fare promotions on a regular basis? Air Asia for instance, usually runs a ‘zero’ fare promo (where you only pay for taxes and processing fees) at least once a year. If you can get your hands one some of these tickets, you will not only be able to save a lot of money but also significantly increase the number of places that you can visit. Be sure to sign up for the newsletters of the budget airlines in the area that you are traveling to so that you can receive advance notifications of such offers.

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