How To Get Cheap Stays in Kuala Lumpur


Free Nights at

agoda Not many people are aware of this, but there is a ‘Special Offer’ page on Agoda where you can zoom in on all the hotels that are current running deals in particular city. The deals include discounts, double reward points and even free nights? Believe it or not, there are always some hotels that are giving away free nights, usually for stays of at least 3 nights or more. Check out the link here.


Tripadvisor / Flipkey Vacation Rentals

tripadvisor Vacation rentals are private homes that are rented out to tourists for a fee. These rentals can be much cheaper than hotels, especially if you are planning to book multiple rooms. If you are traveling in parties of 4 or more, vacation rentals can save your a chunk of money. RM500 may get you a nice room in a 5 star hotel, but it can also get you a 2 bedroom luxury condo vacation rental in the heart of the city .



This vacation rental portal is one of my all time favorite sights. It has one of the largest and comprehensive congregation of Kuala Lumpur vacation rentals to choose from. Many of the listings have lots of photos (at least 20 or more) and most importantly lots of reviews. and



Both these sites are the hottest classifieds and online bidding portal in the country. Think of them as the Craiglist and Ebay of Malaysia. They are excellent places to find hotel discount vouchers, homestays, and owners who are selling nights from the holiday timeshares. A word of caution: These are public websites there the credentials of those who post the ads are not screened. Do take the usual common sense precautions while dealing online and never give away your credit card or payment info to any strangers online.



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