Cost of Food in Kuala Lumpur

The iconic Nasi Lemak

The iconic Nasi Lemak

Any savvy traveler would tell you that Kuala Lumpur is one of the hottest food havens in the region. In the city center, you can find authentic Malay, Indian or Chinese food at every turn where there will never be any shortages in variety.

Street Food

kl hawker food

As in any country around the world, the cheapest foods can be found on the streets from hawker stalls. Whether you are planning to get a bowl of noodle or a rice dish, RM6 (about USD2) will buy you a hearty meal and a drink. If the portion is too small, RM10 (approx USD3) will fill you to a the brim. As in many places street food is the best place to get a good sampling of authentic local dishes.

Fast Food and Food Courts


Like any bona fide city, you will find the usual chain of American fast food stores all over the city. The price index for outlets such as McDonalds, KFC and Pizza hut is roughly the same.

Food courts can be found in most shopping complexes. They are usually located on the lowest or highest floor, consisting of many tiny food outlets serving a good variety of dishes. They are akin to indoor hawker centers. Some notable food courts serving pretty decent food include the food court in Lot 10 and Pavilion shopping mall.

A set meal (a main dish, a side dish and a drink) would cost around RM10-RM15 per person (approx USD3 to USD5).

Mid-range Restaurant Outlets

Madam Kwan

Some of the more famous restaurants serving local food in Kuala Lumpur are the likes of Madam Kwan’s and Little Penang Cafe. When eating in places such as these, be prepared to fork out RM20-RM30 per person (approx USD7-USD10).

Fine Dining

Fine dining kl

For the more discerning traveler, Kuala Lumpur has a healthy selection of fine dining restaurants to chose from. In such restaurants, the appetizers and starters are priced around RM15-RM30 (USD5-USD10) each while the main dishes starts at RM30-RM200 (USD10-USD70). On average, the cost per person (with alcohol) would range from RM60 to RM200 (USD20 to USD70).


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