Apa Kaba Homestay Melaka

apa kaba melaka 1

The entrance of the home. Photo taken from the garden

If you are planning to visit Malacca, and stay somewhere that gives you an authentic Malaccan experience, look no further than the Apa Kaba Homestay. This large bungalow built on a spacious garden plot of land is an actual family home, run by the owners themselves with several helpers. It also has a very good location, just a short 10 minute stroll from Jonker Street and many other tourist hotspots. As you can see from the photos, much effort has been to put into the home to preserve it in its original state. Rooms here start from just around RM50 per night. Do check out their raving reviews at Tripadvisor.

apa kaba melaka 3

It felt like staying at a local friend’s home

apa kaba melaka 4

A side entrance to the home

apa kaba melaka 5

You are home!

apa kaba melaka 6

Entrance to the inner courtyard area

apa kaba melaka 7

Resident PR officer.

apa kaba melaka 8

The reception area. Quaint!

apa kaba melaka 9

Pretty garden landscaping

apa kaba melaka 10

Notice board and some historical photographs of Malacca

apa kaba melaka 11

Check out the antique sewing machine at the end

apa kaba melaka 12

The common living room area


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